Liquid Bandages

We have a great variety of bandages here which have been designed to protect wounds by forming a thin film of polymer over it and keeping dirt and germs out. These liquid bandages can rapidly stanch a wound, causing less trauma and do not have to be removed like sutures or staples do. They are handy to have around to tackle minor cuts and scrapes as well as large abrasions. Check out the SkinStich Adhesive with Applicator which repairs cuts and wounds in a quick procedure that does not require a follow-up visit. Easy to apply and convenient to carry around. All items are available at super-save offers so take advantage of this, buy your product today and save big!

 BSN Elastomul Sterile Elastic Gauze Bandage
Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL
List Price: $15.85
Sale Price: $7.99
Save Upto 50%
 Medline Curad Flex Seal Spray Bandage
List Price: $157.95
Sale Price: $98.90
Save Upto 40%

 New Skin First Aid Antiseptic Liquid Bandage
Manufacturer: NEW SKIN
List Price: $5.95
Sale Price: $4.20
Save Upto 30%
 SkinStitch Skin Adhesive With Applicator
List Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $219.90
Save Upto 30%